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GG naturell

Natural beauty – as authentic as you are

Hello, dear natural beauty,

Allow us to introduce ourselves. For over 60 years, our work has focused on the person as a whole, the balance between outer and inner beauty, and the uniqueness, the special nature, of each individual.


Natural formulations

The innovative products and colours comply with the highest quality standards in the selection of the exclusive ingredients, some of which are grown organically, and represent the best tolerance and effectiveness. As the guarantee for this, almost all GG naturell products carry the Ecocert quality seal to the international Cosmos standard for certified natural cosmetics.


Sustainability and the environment

Our commitment to sustainability includes the ecologically and socially responsible use of nature and her resources. The highest quality standards, transparency towards the consumer, organically grown ingredients and production methods with minimum impact on the environment are key aspects of our product range and our philosophy.


Rooted in Tegernsee

We manufacture the folding boxes for our products with high-quality paper from the Tegernsee. We print them on Gmund paper and then have them tested and certified for the CO2 balance seal. Through this climate-neutral printing process, we support environmental projects all over the world.

Our GG naturell product categories


Thanks to the innovative, exclusive and nourishing formulations, GG naturell foundation helps you to achieve a natural, even complexion and a fascinating radiance.


Create enchanting glances with the new GG naturell eye make-up products. Long-lasting colours for every occasion ensure your eyes are always seen in the best light.


GG naturell offers a wide range of colours for every occasion to particularly highlight the beauty of your lips. Show your lips at their very best with the matching lipsticks, lip glosses and lip liners.


GG naturell nail products nourish your nails to leave them naturally beautiful. They are based on natural plant oils and ingredients of plant origin. The result: long-lasting, perfectly manicured nails for every occasion.


Whether to remove nail polish, sharpen pencils or apply the high-quality products professionally, you’ll always receive the optimum make-up results with our professional helpers. Practical, pretty and effective.


Holistic cosmetics

with heart, hand and mind - since 1955.

GG natural

The most natural emphasis on individual beauty.



Gertraud Gruber Kosmetik GmbH & Co. KG
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83700 Rottach-Egern am Tegernsee
Deutschland / Germany

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