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Why sustainability?

GERTRAUD GRUBER KOSMETIK has represented holistic cosmetics with heart, hand and mind since 1955. Sustainability with its various facets plays an important role in our cosmetic culture, because we appreciate the treasures of nature for our cosmetics and for our nutrition, as well as the importance of exercise in the great outdoors.

Being kind to nature is more important today than ever before, in view of the ever faster pace of life combined with increasing consumption and environmental degradation. And so, according to Ms Gruber’s guiding principle: “If you stop getting better, you’ve stopped being good”, we’re constantly working to improve our ecological footprint and to be mindful of nature.

It’s important to realise that this ambitious goal cannot be achieved in a few actions. It is, instead, more of a long-term target towards which our future actions and decisions must be consciously directed. After all, the journey is the reward and we have set out on the path. We want to make our contribution and share it with you.

What does sustainable packaging mean...

It’s not always easy to do the right thing. Including when it comes to sustainability. There are so many different aspects, approaches and considerations on this subject, and choosing which path to take requires a conscious and reflective decision. Climate change, ocean pollution, deforestation and landfills are just a few of the issues that need to be addressed.

Here at GERTRAUD GRUBER KOSMETIK, our priority is to develop products that contribute to holistic beauty and at the same time protect the environment. So our first consideration is the packaging of our products themselves. Considering that plastic takes about 450 years to break down, this means that every piece of plastic packaging that has ever been produced is still in our environment – if it hasn’t been incinerated. This makes it even more important to be aware of the importance of our packaging. As a producer, it is difficult to do without packaging, as it also always acts as a protective cover for our products. Our product packaging must also live up to many different demands. At the forefront of these requirements: it must be user-friendly, ensure product safety, be recyclable and free from harmful substances, and its production process must aim to reduce CO₂ emissions and water consumption.

Looking at the different packaging solutions on the market, it quickly becomes apparent that the perfect solution for sustainable packaging does not yet exist. Bioplastics, glass, compostable plastic, recycled plastics or plastic from the oceans are all available, each with their own advantages.

It is a big responsibility to weigh these advantages against any hidden disadvantages and make a responsible choice that is actually sustainable for the environment.

With our sustainability principles

recycling ~ reduction ~ origin ~ climate protection

we have developed a tool to enable our customers to assess the sustainability of packaging themselves.

Post-consumer recycled materials...

For our plastic packaging, we almost exclusively use substances known as post-consumer recycled materials or PCRs for short, i.e. materials that are returned to the waste cycle by the end consumer via the recycling bin or reverse vending machines and can be reused after cleaning and reprocessing. This method is particularly environmentally friendly, as little energy is required and CO₂ emissions are thus reduced. 

All packaging materials are produced in Europe and to a large extent in Germany. Our new, folding boxes are made of 100% recycled waste paper, which we source from the well-known Gmund paper mill on Lake Tegernsee. We also have them printed in Bavaria. From production to use, they never leave Bavaria.

In summary...

the new packaging concept gives you the certainty that you have bought and are using an all-round sustainable product. This means a lot to us. You can find detailed information in our sustainability brochure::

Where should our packaging go after it has been used?

Packaging can only be used again for reprocessing if it ends up in the right recycling loop. That’s why we have included an overview in our sustainability brochure that shows the individual packaging components and lists how they can be disposed of correctly.

Old packaging and new packaging...

If you visit your GERTRAUD GRUBER KOSMETIK institute or spa in the next few months, you’ll notice a mixture of old packaging and new packaging on the shelves. This is because we are carrying out the changeover of our packaging in series, and means that we have to throw away as little packaging and as few products as possible. We see this as a direct, practical implementation of our four sustainability principles: recycling ~ reduction ~ origin ~ climate protection.

A selection of products in new packaging

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