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100 years of Gertraud Gruber –
A look back in quotes and anecdotes

How it all started...

~ The war put a stop to my plans. Dancers were no longer needed, but gymnastics teachers and physiotherapists were. No sooner had I passed my exams than I was drafted, first on Labour Service in Wolnzach, then back to Munich, where I lived in a bunker with the air intelligence service among the victims of terrible attacks. It was my job that saved me: in 1943, I was requested to work in the military hospital as a physiotherapist. Otherwise I would no longer be alive. ~ (Gertraud Gruber)

Her creams...

The ingredients were brought to her by a local herbalist, to which she added oils and vitamins – and she started by mixing them herself in a small laboratory. However, cosmetics were a “shameful affair” in the early 1950s. Gertraud Gruber reminisces:

~ In the case of some of my customers, I was only allowed to visit when the husband was out at the pub or playing cards with friends! If he returned earlier than expected, I would sometimes find myself locked out on the balcony or shut in a cold storage room. ~ (Gertraud Gruber)

Europe’s first beauty farm...

This “itinerant phase” lasted about a year, and then the young entrepreneur afforded herself a small treatment room. The fact that a dentist also ran his practice in the same house was enormously helpful, as people could not tell where the visitors were actually going. The next premises, where Gertraud Gruber was also already accommodating overnight guests, incidentally leads to a neologism ...

~ Finally, I received an offer from one customer, the Countess Walderdorff – she wanted me to turn her former silver fox farm into a beauty farm. That’s how the term came about. But I wasn’t there for long, because the Count didn’t like my guests. ~ (Gertraud Gruber)

Beauty and physical health...

While the locals make fun of the “Wrinkles’ Ranch”, Gertraud Gruber is expanding her services. She is adamant that beauty has something to do with physical health, and is also associated with inner balance and a positive view of oneself and of life. Those who come to her receive cosmetic care and nurturing, but – often to their own surprise – they are often also expected to exercise. There are many different motivations at play.

~ I’m certainly curious and have always tried everything, with methods including, firstly, the classic facial massage, then lymphatic drainage, connective tissue massage, facial exercises, ear massage and foot reflexology. In the early 1960s I started in yoga through Selva Raya Yesudian. This made such a lasting impression on me that I obtained my teaching licence from the Professional Association of Yoga Teachers in Germany e.V. (BDY). Exercise programmes, such as yoga, Qi Gong, Shiatsu, meditative dance and sound therapy, have to this day been, for me, central components of what we offer and in life. ~ (Gertraud Gruber)

Water gymnastics and ball games in the garden...

Activities in the fresh air were a big thing at the time. The first beauty farm visitors hiked through the Tegernsee mountains, practised water gymnastics and played ball in the garden. The food they ate was also carefully scrutinised – and not only in the form of typical diets. Above all, the meals had to be healthy, fresh and rich in vital substances. Gertraud Gruber focused on bringing more and more expertise and competence into the house. These included therapists for the exercise programme, as well as nutritionists and doctors, with whom she eventually developed one of the centrepieces of the programme: the alkaline deacidification week, which has been copied many times to this day.

~ The first visitors in the 1950s were mainly from the big cities: chic women aged between 30 and 50, curious and receptive. They got involved with the farm programme and quickly realised how good everything was for them: the exercise, the food selection and preparation, the positive outlook on life, and, of course, the idea of treating themselves and their bodies lovingly and taking good care of themselves. ~ (Gertraud Gruber)

A new, independent company...

In order to fulfil all her customers’ wishes in a professional manner, the farm owner – who was always thinking ahead – decided in 1996 to hive off the cosmetics sales into an independent company. Since then, GERTRAUD GRUBER KOSMETIK GmbH & Co. KG, based in Rottach-Egern, has been responsible for the production and marketing of the holistic care concept with skin-specific product developments and effective treatment experiences from Europe’s first beauty farm.

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