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Advisory expertise

Extensive specialist knowledge and a high level of advisory expertise are what set us apart. High demands are placed on our training: only those who have been trained in-house are allowed to practise under the green rose – the GERTRAUD GRUBER identification mark.

The background is clear...

a holistic concept like Gertraud Gruber’s lives off the relationship between beautician and customer.

~ Only those who value their profession can pass on this level of attentiveness during treatments. ~ (Gertraud Gruber)

Treatment according to the concept of holistic cosmetics...

In addition, there is the professional competence, the knowledge of preparations and ingredients, of application methods and modes of action. And a willingness to keep on learning. It’s no coincidence that Gruber beauticians are among the best in their industry and undergo initial and further training every year at Lake Tegernsee in introductory, advanced and professional seminars.

All in all, a great many hotel spas, beauty farms and cosmetic institutes in Germany, Austria, South Tyrol and Switzerland practise according to the concept of holistic cosmetics, using Gertraud Gruber’s methods and preparations.

~ Certainly, one of the secrets of our success is that we’ve never stood still, but have always looked keenly yet critically at new trends, scientific findings or “miracle ingredients”. It’s not a matter of whether something is “in” at the moment. It has to suit us, and that’s something we have a precise feel for in our team. If we’ve been impressed by something, we’ve added it to our range, tailoring it to our needs. And we’ve often been, and still are, earlier to do this than many others. ~ (Gertraud Gruber)

Holistic cosmetics

with heart, hand and mind - since 1955.

GG natural

The most natural emphasis on individual beauty.



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