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The skin, with its 1.8 square metres of surface area, is not only our largest and heaviest organ, but also fulfils a number of functions that play an important role for our body in everyday life. It protects our body from external influences such as cold, heat, light and UV rays, it offers protection against inju- ry and infection and regulates the body’s temper- ature through perspiration. In addition, the skin is one of our most important detox organs and an important interface from the outside to the inside. However, our outer shell can do much more. It gives out important signals about our physical and men- tal well-being. Healthy, skilfully cared for skin with good circulation radiates joy and freshness, which have a positive effect on those around us. This makes it all the more important to treat our skin with care and attention, to recognise its signals early on and to provide it with targeted nourish- ment. Our skin is so complex and unique. Not only does it vary from one person to the next, it also changes its condition constantly over the course of our lives. The skin renews itself every 28 days, has different needs in summer and winter and goes through hor- monal changes. We therefore distinguish between skin types and skin conditions. For example, even normal skin can temporarily react sensitively and combination skin should be cared for differently at a mature age than in younger years. Therefore, depending on the skin type, the skin needs a care programme that is tailored to its cur- rent condition. The following skin types will help you to get to know your skin better. Assignment to the various skin types serves as a guide. You will receive your per- sonal skincare programme from your GERTRAUD GRUBER beautician.

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